Dog Board And Train Programs

Dog Boarding & Training Minneapolis, MN

Our most popular and most effective service! Your dog stays with us on-site learning new skills or brushing up on past behaviors. Staying with us at Unleashed K9 allows your dog to receive the adequate repetition needed to instill good behaviors. Throughout your dog’s program, dogs in our board and train programs return to our head trainers house “Kenneth” to instill good household behaviors and receive training in a home environment that the dog will be going back to after their program! Fill out a contact form or call below to learn more!

Please note: All dogs must be 16 weeks of age and/or have completed all vaccinations including Kennel Cough

Basic Level Board & Train
(2 weeks) – $2450
  • Our most basic training where your dog will “learn how to learn.” Your pet will have a system of communication and work ethic.
  • Your pet will learn several new training skills including: Sit, Down, Place, Wait, Come Through (Door/Threshold Manners), Recall, A Release Command, Leave It and more.
  • Your dog will have 4 – 5 training sessions throughout the day as well as 2 supervised play periods with other dogs.
  • Includes an intensive 1.5 hour “go-home” lesson with your dog’s trainer as well as one follow-up sessions for training reinforcement.
Intermediate Board & Train
(3 weeks) – $2950
  • The initial two weeks of training are the same as the basic board and training described above. The third week includes E-Collar training for off-leash obedience reinforcement (pricing does not include the cost of E-Collar Technology).
  • It is very important that your dog knows how to socialize with appropriate behavior around other people and animals. We want your dog, as well as who and what you allow your dog to interact with, to have good and positive experiences without negative reactions. This package allows enough time for the dog to build strong confidence in socializing appropriately and environmental exposure for training offsite with distractions. Your dog will have its obedience tested in a variety of environments and scenarios.
  • We will also start adding high distraction in a variety of different environments. 
  • Includes 2.0-hour “go-home” lesson as well as two follow-up sessions in-home or at Unleashed K9 for training reinforcement. 
Advanced Board & Train
(4 weeks) – $3850
  • Our four-week program is our most complete package. The three-week program with the fourth week to enhance and reinforce all of the previous weeks. It is the ideal amount of time to get the full benefit of our training methodology. The 4th week allows us to proof all behaviors in a variety of environments and distractions! Including but not limited to public places, parks, stores, and around other animals.
  •  Based on your K9’s needs, it’s important that your dog reacts positively and is comfortable in a wide variety of environmental situations. We will want to make sure your dog is fully confident in public, private, quiet, and loud places. Also, we want to introduce textures and objects such as tile flooring, carpet, mirrors, escalators, elevators, busy streets, stairs, etc. This package allows enough time for the dog to build a strong confidence in environmental situations.
  • At the end of the four weeks, you will schedule a 2.5-hour “go-home” lesson as well as three follow-up sessions in-home or at Unleashed K9 for training reinforcement.
Master Program Board & Train
(6 weeks)- $6250
  • Our six-week program is the most advanced package. This includes the 4-week program with an additional two weeks to add a variety of complex obedience commands. We train all our dogs to a series of verbal markers. 
  • This program can be tailored to the client’s specific needs and is ideal for dogs 20 weeks and older to give them a one-and-done training program.
  • At the end of the six weeks, you will schedule a 3-hour “Intensive go-home” lesson as well as unlimited follow-up sessions at Unleashed K9 and two in-home sessions over a 6 month period. 
  • During this program, we can also start laying the foundation for more advanced programs we offer like detections, personal protections, Tracking/Trailing, Dog sports, and many more! 
Maintenance Board & Train (1 week) – $850 (By the day) – $128
  • For pets who have already completed Basic Board and Train but could use a refresher course of basic training skills. This one-week program includes 3-4 training sessions throughout the day as well as 2 supervised play periods with other dogs.