Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services in Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to training, we believe that establishing communication for both the dog and owner is the key to success. Our learning method here at Unleashed K9 is based on positive reinforcement. Browse our Board & Train programs, private lessons, in-home lessons, day care, tracking, detection and so much more. Contact our trainers today to get started!

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Board & Train Programs

We offer a variety of board and train programs that fit your lifestyle. Upon completion, your dog(s) will know how to sit, down, come when called (recall), go to place, down from a distance, hold positions with heavy distractions, proper socialization and more.

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At Unleashed K9, we have a variety of trainers with different skill sets. We train service dogs, scent detection (narcotics, explosives and AKC scents), tracking, behavior modifications, police k9s and slatmill workouts. We have trainers who compete in Mondioring and IGP and can customize your training to help you and your dog in your sport career.

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In our private lesson settings we offer basic obedience and help you learn how to handle your dog properly and consistently. We also offer advanced lessons for clients that want to get into scent detection, personal protection, sport dogs (IGP and Mondioring), slatmill workouts and more. 

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On-Site training

We offer on-site training sessions at Unleashed K9. These plans include five private one-hour lessons with one of our staffed trainers.

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In-home Training

We offer in-home training sessions through Unleashed K9 with our head trainer Kenneth.

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Personal Protection

Protection dogs are selected to provide a everyday family dog with the skills to be operated by any family member in times of distress.